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reclaimed granite stone wall
Reclaimed granite D6
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Reclaimed cobblestones
Drogheda port commercial restoration
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Repointing Dublin 6
salvaged calp limestone Bolands Mills demolition
Bolands Mills demolition
granite boundary walls

Granite is one of the most elegant, yet hardest, toughest building stones on the planet. It has enduring colour and texture, is highly resistant to the elements and has long lasting appeal across a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. As a testament to its beauty, it has been admired for centuries in our cities and has maintained its beauty for centuries.


Granite Repairing and Restoration

We have vast experience in repairing, restoring and building granite structures using new and salvaged granite building stone. Our extensive product portfolio includes granite stone paving, steps, cills, quoins, kerbs and cobblestones and we are continuously adding new product lines to our architectural salvage yard.

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