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Salvaged stone is not only environmentally sound, but has a timeless beauty, durability and originality that no other building material can come close to.


benefits of salvaged stone

Stone is a natural product which offers many environmental and socially responsible attributes, including a long life, easy maintenance, recyclability, and conservation of resources. By using reclaimed stone, you have already taken responsibility of caring for the natural environment through green building.

Since salvaged stone has already had at least one life-cycle,by opting for this as a building material, you are conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimising waste.

what we do for the environment

The demand for construction raw materials puts a gigantic strain on our environment, and at times, structures built with non-durable products often end up in landfills, leaving a huge environmental footprint.

However, at we do things differently. We construct new dwellings and structures with harvested, deconstructed stone, sourced locally and responsibly. In essence we are creating a renewable and sustainable building resources that stand the test of time. Now there’s something to think about.